Cryptocurrency backed loan.

Enjoy your crypto wealth today without selling your crypto assets.

How it Works

1. Tell us how much you need

The maximum amount you can request for is $10,000

2. Hand over your crypto collateral

Your crypto is held as a collateral untill the loan is paid.

3. Your account gets credited!

When you deposit your crypto 50% of the value is credited into your local account.

4. You get your crypto when you pay back your loan

Your wallet is credited when the total loan is paid.

5. Assets liquidation

If your crypto collateral value falls below amount owed - your debt is repaid instantly, saving you from future losses.

Why Kobolet?

Why use Kobolet?
Unlock the Value of Digital Assets Clients obtain an instant crypto loan, which eliminates the need for cumbersome credit checks that might lead to credit score deterioration.
Quick Access to Cash
Access cash conveniently anywhere around Nigeria via bank transfer and seize investment opportunities or meet liquidity needs immediately.
Hold on to your valuable assets
You can conveniently leverage a digital asset in order to pursue a lucrative investment opportunity or meet a short-term liquidity need without having to sell asset with good upside potential.

How Safe Is My Money?

We adopted a trustee structure with Coinbase custody Limited which holds your crypto collateral deposited with kobolet for the safety of borrowers' fund. This structure ensures your savings are protected.

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